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Cosmetic EyeBrow Tattoo that looks so natural you wont believe it.

Cosmetic EyeBrow Tattoo, also know as Feather Touch or Microblading, is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo that creates hair like strokes to simulate hairs to fill in sparse, thining or non-exsistent EyeBrows.

If you draw your EyeBrows on every day then you know it is annoying, and time consuming, and you worrying that your EyeBrows have wiped off during the day.

There is a solution. EyeBrow Tattoo looks completely natural and JUST like individual hairs and it lasts up to 2 years.

It looks so incredibly natural nobody can tell they're not real.
With eyebrow feathering, you can forget the time –consuming morning routine of drawing on your brows. Wake up every day with amazing eyebrows that frame, add life and definition to your natural features instead.

​You will look, and more importantly, feel amazing.​​​

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I am very, very fussy about my brows (it's in my DNA, being a Makeup Artist) and Jane is the only person I felt I could trust to do an amazing job on my brows - and she did indeed! ​​

Painless, fast - but meticulous, I'm delighted with how my new brows look. She also has a lovely studio in Pymble. Highly recommended!

Susan Napper
Jane is simply the best.

She turned me from the disappearing 50+ woman to people asking me “what have you done to your skin, you look amazing”....

I chuckled on the inside thinking..... who needs Botox .... this is a “must” for every woman. Go Jane! I cannot thank you enough. X

​Samantha MacNally
Jane is incredible, exceptional practitioner and a warm, welcoming and super friendly woman.

I’d happily recommend her to anyone!!

​Deb Huff

Here are some EyeBrows I prepared earlier......

Pretty blonde girl after Microblading Eyebrows
Blonde lady before and after EyeBrow Feathering
Older lady dark hair after Cosmetic EyeBrow Tattoo
After chemo eyebrow tattoo
Fix EyeBrow Feathering from another person
Happy woman Microblading EyeBrows

Reviews & Testimonials

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I'm Jane Simpson and I ABSOLUTELY love what I do.

Being able to give you EyeBrows that make you look more beautiful, makes me run to work every day.

However, the side effect of having EyeBrows is that you feel more confident, that you feel better about yourself, and that is the most amazing gift I get to give.

I take what I do very seriously.  I am Government accredited, and as a result have been awarded the CTARP (1022) Member of the Aesthetic Practitioners Advisory Service (APAN). One of only 3 in Sydney and 18 in Australia.

Being a CTARP member means that the practitioners are the most highly qualified, whom adhere to the highest industry standards and best practice.

They are promoted to consumers as leaders in their field and preferred practitioners.

Your're in good hands!

I also love a good chat......and it's ok, as what is said in the room stays in the room :)

Jane Simpson sitting and smiling
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