Jane Simpson is experienced, respected and trusted
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 Jane she has been specialising in Cosmetic EyeBrow Tattoo since 2015.
She is experienced, respected and trusted.

I have obtained the highest qualifications for a Cosmetic Tattoo practioner with the Government Accredited SHBBSKS003 - Design and perform cosmetic tattooing and the SHBBINF001 Maintain Infection Control qualifications. As a result I have been awarded the CTARP (1022) Member of the Aesthetic Practitioners Advisory Service (APAN). My premises are registered with the local council under the "Skin Penetration Act"​​. 

If you are here then you know how important beautifully defined EyeBrows are, they make you look fresher, they make your eyes absolutely pop, and about 10 years younger, which personally I love!

​Every day I work with women who have thining, patchy or just non-existent EyeBrows. They are sick and tired of drawing them on all the time, not being able to swim, exersize and play.

Have you ever looked in the mirror during the day (or on a hot date) and you have one EyeBrow less than you did earlier?  

My philosophy is to ensure that the EyeBrows suit the individual face

What happens in the EyeBrow Tattoo treatment?

I draw the EyeBrows on you with a pencil, following, your natural brow line, to enhance your Brows (or where they used to be!) I do not have a template or use a "one size fits all" approach. Every face is different and each set of brows is designed for your face.

Once you are happy with the shape of your EyeBrows, we choose the colour. This is done by putting a little of the pigment on your forehead, so we can match it with your skin and hair tones.

The entire process is very compfortable thanks to the use of topical anaesthetics, my clients are always surprised that it doesn't hurt and infact may fall asleep. 

All of my products are the best that can be bought to ensure longevity of your EyeBrows and to ensure your safety is paramount.
My aim is for your new Brows to look so natural and subtle that no one will know they are not real.  Or as someone said to one of my clients "You look amazing, did you have a facelift?" 

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As a subject matter expert in her field Jane, has been interviewed on Radio 2GB, Radio 2UE Lifestyle, and for newspaper and magazine articles. Give her a google...
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