I am Jane Simpson

If you are reading this then you know how important beautifully defined eyebrows are. They make you look fresher, they make your eyes pop, and make you look about 10 years younger, which I love!

Being able to give you eyebrows that make you look more beautiful is why I just love going to work.

But, beautiful eyebrows also make you feel more confident, and that is the most amazing thing I see time and time again.

Every day I work with women who have thinning, patchy or non-existent eyebrows. They are sick and tired of drawing them on all the time, not being able to swim, exercise and play as they feel embarrassed to be seen.

In 2015 I left the corporate rat race to begin my career in Eyebrow Microblading. I could not be happier making women a happier version of themselves.

Jane Simpson Brows won the Xero Best Small Business in Australia in 2019.


I have the highest qualifications for a Cosmetic Tattoo practitioner. I am CTARP (1022). Member of: Aesthetic Practitioners Advisory Service (APAN). There are only 3 CTARPS in Sydney.

I have obtained Government Accreditation via the SHBBSKS003 – Design and perform cosmetic tattooing and SHBBINF001 – Maintain infection control courses. I have also attained the Government Covid19 Infection Control Training.

I am insured and my studio is registered with the local council under the “Skin Penetration Act”.

My clients are regular women like you and me who are frustrated that their eyebrows have faded. I also work with many women who have no eyebrows due to cancer treatment or alopecia.

I am not interested in being known for celebrity clients or being Insta-famous, I want to do what I do, which is make you look amazing and feel more confident

Jane Simpson Brows talents have been repeatedly recognised being awarded:

Xero’s Best Small Business in Australia in 2019

Best Best Beauty Business Local Business Awards 2020

AAC Awards Most Trusted Eyebrow Artists 2021

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