​E​​yebrow Microblading makes you look beautiful and feel confident.

Microblading is also known as Feather Touch Tattoo, Feathering, Eyebrow Embroidery and Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​It’s simply the same technique with different names. A semi-permanent technique which uses a small handheld tool with a very fine blade. This deposits pigment into the skin that look exactly like hairstrokes and lasts up to 2 years.

If you have you over-plucked, (seriously, why did we do that?) lost eyebrows due to illness, or as you have gotten older they are fading? (yep, me too). Drawing your eyebrows on every day is time–consuming and annoying. And often not very well done as it is so hard to draw them on if you can’t see without glasses.

Well-defined eyebrows make all the difference to your face. They highlight your eyes, define your features and have an instant anti-aging effect.

​​​​​​I specialise in subtle and natural eyebrows. I design every set of brows to suit the face not the fashion. Every single day you have eyebrows which frame and add definition to your face. And you always look your best. It looks so natural nobody can tell they're not real.

Jane Simpson Brows helps those with thin or no eyebrows to feel brow beautiful again. Jane is a highly-accredited, trusted, and experienced brow artist who uses safe microblading techniques to create natural, subtly-styled brows. 

I am very, very fussy about my brows (it's in my DNA, being a Makeup Artist) and Jane is the only person I felt I could trust to do an amazing job on my brows - and she did indeed! ​​

Painless, fast - but meticulous, I'm delighted with how my new Microbladed brows look. She also has a lovely studio in Pymble. Highly recommended!

Susan Napper
Jane is simply the best.

She turned me from the disappearing 50+ woman to people asking me “what have you done to your skin, you look amazing”....

I chuckled on the inside thinking..... who needs Botox .... this is a “must” for every woman. Go Jane! I cannot thank you enough. X

​Samantha MacNally
Jane is an incredible, exceptional practitioner and a warm, welcoming and super friendly woman.

I’d happily recommend her to anyone!!

​Deb Huff

A little more testimonial love


Here are some Microblading EyeBrows I prepared earlier......

Microblading- Eyebrows-older-lady.png
Microblading- Eyebrows-before-after-photo.png
Microblading- Eyebrows-photo.png
Microblading- Eyebrows-blonde-after.png

I'm Jane Simpson and I ABSOLUTELY love what I do.

​​​Being able to give my clients Microbladed EyeBrows that make them look more beautiful, makes me run to work every day.

Microblading also makes you feel more confident and that is the most amazing gift I get to give.

If you are here then you know how important beautifully defined EyeBrows are. They make you look fresher, they make your eyes pop, and make you look about 10 years younger, which I love!

​Every day I work with women who have thining, patchy or non-existent EyeBrows. They are sick and tired of drawing them on all the time, not being able to swim, exersize and play.

Have you ever looked in the mirror during the day (or on a hot date) and you have one EyeBrow less than you did earlier?  With Microblading you no longer need to worry about this happening.

I also love a good chat......and it's ok, as what's said in the room stays in the room :)

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