When your eyebrows are “on point” you look better and feel better about yourself.

Now that we are isolating, 🤣 and not able to have our eyebrows done, many are feeling tempted to do a little brow DIY.

PUT DOWN THOSE TWEEZERS!  🤣 and read this first.

Seriously, unless you know what you are doing PUT down the tweezers, and don’t even think about waxing, or those new fangled brow shaver thingyies.

Many of us can’t see what the heck we are doing without a magnifying mirror and with the magnifying mirror you can’t get a proper perspective of what you are doing.  ONE hair makes a very big difference when styling brows.

If you absolutely must pluck, just tidy up the brows underneath the brow. Once you start plucking it is really hard to stop..(“oh this will be fine just one more here…then oh no! what have I done?”)

You can also gently tidy them by trimming. Wipe on some eyebrow wax, then with an eyebrow brush gently brush the brow hairs upwards and any of those really long hairs (you know the ones, like men walk around with all the time 🤣)  with very small scissors just trim above the brow line.

You can tint your brows at home. A very good product is call 1000 hours. This can be purchased from supermarkets and chemists. It is easy to mix and apply.  Please make sure you get a colour appropriate to your colouring and DO NOT GET BLACK 😉.

Whist we are on what not to do…….if your draw your eyebrows on and think you do a pretty good job, do yourself a favour and ask someone who loves you “Do you think I draw my brows on well?” get ready for the answer as it may be no.

When drawing you need to follow the natural brow line.  Not what you think it is, or even where your over- plucked brows are now. Draw them, then step back from the mirror to get some perspective.

If you want to do a brow tidy, take it carefully and slowly and be conservative and have no regrets.

Jane xx