Deciding whom you should get to do your Microblading is not a decision you should take lightly.

It is also not a decision you should not make based on price, and I mean both cheap or too expensive. Often someone advertising on Groupon or Gumtree etc. is new to the game. And is offering cheap treatments to get clients.

I have spent many hours fixing brows that women have paid well over $1500 for.
Because someone is fantastic at styling “celebrity brows. That does not mean they are necessarily good at Microblading Eyebrows.

So before you choose your artist here is a list of questions you need to ask:

How long have you been doing Microblading?
This is obvious, I know but you need to know they have experience.

Where did you do your training?
Many people who teach these courses are not accredited to train. Once you know where they learnt you can google them and see if they accreditation.

Have you done the Maintain infection control standards (SHBBINF001)?
Accredited institutions will not teach you unless you have completed this pre-requisite course.

Are you government accredited?
Qualifications must be government-approved and nationally-recognised.

Are you premises council approved?
If they are doing this from a home studio this is an even more important question

Are there any health reasons why I can’t get my brows done with microblading?
How do you design the brow?
How is the area numbed?
How do you choose the colour?
What I the aftercare treatment? Is this an extra charge?
Are there any extra costs?
Make sure you ask to see lots of before and after and healed photos.
Read as many reviews as you can
Most of all trust your gut.

You are welcome to ask me any questions about Eyebrow Microblading.
Jane x