You complete the health questions and we ensure that it is safe to do the procedure:

We have a chat about why you want the Microblading treatment and ensure your expectations are realistic.

It is also to make sure we get along and that you feel you can trust me to do your eyebrows as you want them done.

I draw the EyeBrow design on you with a pencil.  Following, your natural brow line to enhance your Brows (or where they used to be!). This is so you will see the difference with eyebrows. I take before and after photos so you can see the difference.

I do not have a template or use a “one size fits all” approach. Every face is different so each brow designed for your face.

Once you are happy with the shape of your EyeBrows, we choose the colour. Putting a little of the pigment on your forehead, so we can match it with your skin and hair tones.

I talk you through the process the tools and equipment I use, and how I do the treatment.

All my products are the best that I can buy. To ensure longevity of your Feather Touch EyeBrows. And to ensure your safety is paramount.

My aim is for your new Brows to look so natural and subtle that no one will know they are not real.  Or as someone said to one of my clients “You look amazing, did you have a facelift?” ​​

You make an appointment to come back for the Feather Touch treatment at a later date.

You walk out the door smiling.

Jane x

Jane Simpson Brows helps those with thin or no eyebrows to feel brow beautiful again. Jane is a highly-accredited, trusted, and experienced brow artist who uses safe microblading techniques to create natural, subtly-styled brows.