Brow lamination tames unruly eyebrow hairs and sets them in place so you have perfect brows for 2 months.

Brow lamination is straightening process using a keratin treatment so that the brows all stand in the desired direction, and stay there.

With lamination the brows are styled to give them the desired shape you want, as well a fuller look!

You can wake up with perfectly manicured eyebrows and don’t need to waste time struggling to get them in shape.

Lamination is great as it works with your existing hair, giving you your ideal brow look.


What happens during Brow lamination? How long does it take?

First we have a consultation where I explain the details of the treatment including the process and the results you want.

A product is used to style the brows into the desired shape. A neutraliser is used to set the brows in place.

Once the treatment is finished the brows are then trimmed, and tinted.

The treatment takes an hour.


Do I need to prepare for the Brow Lamination Treatment? 

Avoid using retinol and topical over-the-counter and prescription acne treatments for at least 48 hours before your treatment since these products can sensitise the skin, and potentially lead to irritation.


What is the aftercare for Lamination Treatment? 

For 24 hours avoid wetting or rubbing the area, and to avoid applying creams, oils, and brow or eye makeup.

You should also not go to the gym and hot showers for a day.


How Long Does Brow Lamination Last, and How Much Does It Cost? 

With proper care, brow lamination can last four to eight weeks.

Jane Simpson Brows charge $120 for the treatment, including the tinting.

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