What to look for in a good eyebrow artist?

This means that anyone can spend $3000 on a 2 day course. Then call themselves a “Certified” Cosmetic Tattooist. And go off and start Microblading and Feather Touch on actual human faces….

Most often the “Trainer” is not Government Accredited or even an Accredited Trainer. The training industry is booming as they can charge huge amounts of money. And there is a queue of people lining up as they think it is an easy way to make money……It is not.

They don’t even understand the fundamentals after a 2 day course. There is no prerequisite to undertake any Maintain Infection Control courses.
Unless the premises has approval by council, it is illegal to run a practice from a home. It is illegal to run a mobile practice in NSW.

It is imperative that your artist has insurance.

There is a huge difference between certified and accredited.

The majority of cosmetic tattooists are not accredited. Even the ones who charge top dollar.

You need to find an accredited artist.

I am Government Accredited.

Accreditation means you have undertaken the government accredited training. This encompasses SHBBSKS003 – Design and perform cosmetic tattooing. Also SHBBINF001 – Maintain infection control courses.

I understand how to run a professional, safe, legal, practice. I understand your face and what suits you best, and not what is fashionable.

All the products I use are safe, FDA approved most expensive products to buy which mean the eyebrows last longer.

I do not buy from China.

I have years of experience – this is a very valid point to consider.

So, before you allow someone to tattoo your face, research, research, research.

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Jane xx