What’s the difference between Microblade & Feather Touch Eyebrow?


Microblading and Feather Touch Eyebrow is the same thing with a different name.

It is semi-permanent technique. Legally it is called a tattoo but I use a small handheld tool with a very fine blade. This deposits pigment into the skin that look exactly like hairstrokes and lasts up to 2 years.

Hair stokes are simulated into the epidermis of the skin with a very fine blade which is dipped into pigment.

The pigments are made from natural products which fade over time. This is a good thing as it means we can change the shape and colour of our brows as we change and age.

Different name same thing…….I know it can seem really confusing.

Jane x

Jane Simpson Brows helps those with thin or no eyebrows to feel brow beautiful again. Jane is a highly-accredited, trusted, and experienced brow artist who uses safe microblading techniques to create natural, subtly-styled brows.